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AP Physics C - Course Organization for 2022-2023

Teaching AP Physics C is a fun and rewarding experience, but organizing the course can be challenging — especially if you teach Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism. This is my eighth year of teaching a combined AP Physics C course, during which I’ve used different course organizations. The course organization is fitted to the schedule and students of the Singapore American School: The school has an alternating 80-minute block schedule; AP Physics C is a second-year course for students. Please keep these constraints in mind when reading the course organization document.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Course Organization — Page 1

  • Section 2: Schedule — Page 3

  • Section 3: Scoring System — Page 15

  • Section 4: Comparison of Models with Book Chapters and AP Problems — Page 18

  • Section 5: Models for Electricity and Magnetism — Page 21

  • Section 6: Models for Mechanics — Page 28

  • Section 7: Model for a Concept in AP Physics C — Page 42


For further reading about the underlying cognitive science and philosophy of the course, here are a few links:

Please share any comments or questions — I would love to know what you think of the course organization!

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