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How to Learn — When You Are in the Advanced Stage

As an expert in your field, you are in the advanced stage of learning. You have a rich understanding of the knowledge and skills in your field, using the knowledge and skills to achieve a high level of performance. However, rapidly shifting application of the knowledge and skills in your field plus competition causes you to know that becoming complacent in your learning will lead to lower performance. You want to continue performing at a high level; the only way to do this is by continually learning.

As you continue in the advanced stage, how do you learn?

This guide will give you ideas in two categories:

  • Developing more depth of your (mental) models for concepts in the complex set of knowledge and skills.

  • Handling challenges in the learning process.

The challenge in the advanced stage comes from integrating new knowledge and skills into your existing models for concepts while maintaining a high level of performance. This guide will help you understand how to integrate knowledge and skills into your models for concepts while handling challenges in the learning process — continuing your learning in the advanced stage!

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