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A Hope

During this time of closures and stay-at-home notices, I hope that you:

  • Manage your flow of information to minimize toxicity yet stay informed.

  • Find at least one person/animal/item/situation for which you are thankful.

  • Connect with friends and family, remembering the importance of these relationships.

  • Make time for meditation, reflection, and prayer.

  • Are generous with your time, talent, and finances to help those around you.

  • Determine if your current direction is the direction in which you want to be traveling.

  • Understand and learn a skill or disposition that you need to move to the next level in any area of life.

  • Create a list of what is important, resolving to keep what is important at the center of your life after the crisis ends.

We will mourn and remember those who have lost their lives in this crisis, especially the healthcare workers who labored to save their patients.

Yet, for those who make it through, this crisis represents an opportunity to connect, reflect, and dream. The world needs the best version of you to help create a better place; there will be many ways—large and small—for you to positively contribute by improving families, companies, and our society.

My hope is that this crisis represents a turning point in our humanity, helping us understand our interconnectedness and creating a better world.

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